5 things I learned at the ODI Open Data Leaders Network

I recently took part in the  Open data Leaders Network (ODLN) in the ODI offices in London, representing the Dublinked Open data portal for Dublin, Ireland.  This was a very intensive but inspiring week of training, networking and ideas exchange with leaders of government open data initiatives from around the world, from other cities and regions like Aragon in Spain, Jakarta and Sao Paulo and national leaders from India, Burkina Faso, Ukraine, Serbia and Italy.

brainstorming ideas to promote open data

We had a packed itinerary of workshops and sessions to share the latest thinking in open data, help us troubleshoot technical issues and common problems and how best to maximise impact and share stories of success.  We also had meetings with leading open data champions like Gavin Starks CEO of ODI and Richard Stirling, formerly of opengov.uk, who shared their experience and lessons with us.  During the visit, I had some initial insights that I will be taking away:
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Smart Technology Solutions to help scale up cycling in Dublin

Seeking smart, innovative and low cost solutions to increase the number of people cycling in Dublin.

The SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Challenge is a joint initiative between Smart Dublin and Enterprise Ireland and is open for applications from 8th March until 3rd May 2016. Successful applicants will be selected by an open competition process run in two phases. The competition is open to any organisation, developers of ICT and software solution providers, universities and service providers.

Find out more on how to apply for the challenge here.

There are a number of sources of data that may inform your cycle solutions.  You can search for cycle data on Dublinked, also visit www.nationaltransport.ie and www.dublincitycycling.ie  for more information.  The Transport for Ireland Cycle Journey Planner is a great source of route information, incorporating ease of use and dublinbikes station locations into recommended cycle routes.

Presentations from the SBIR  Challenge Information Evening:

Maria Gavin – Enterprise Ireland

Jamie Cudden – Smart Dublin Manager

Sarah Scannell – Cycling and Walking Promotions Officer

David Timoney – Dublin Cycling Campaign

Pauline Riordan – Dublinked Manager

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