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dataset real time passenger infoReal time passenger information (RTPI)

The arrival of real time public transport information has been a game changer for Dubliners. Now you can have that last pint or extra lie-in bed, with the help of a number of mobile apps that can help you make smarter travel decisions by pushing out the latest information and alerts on transport schedules and traffic delays.

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Data Stories

Local Authority Finances ScreenshotLocal Authority Finances

How is your money being spent? Multi-award winning site that shows how local authorities spend their budgets. Compare local authorities with each other, with the national average, and download the source data.

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Smart Dublin Challenge

datachallengeBuild smart solutions for Dublin

Be a part in transforming the way Dublin solves its problems, address some of the biggest challenges including mobility, flooding, environment, energy, and the need for better data and communication.

Competition launches: 8 March 2016, Find out more

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