Real time passenger information (RTPI)

The arrival of real time public transport information has been a game changer for Dubliners. Now you can have that last pint or extra lie-in bed, with the help of a number of mobile apps that can help you make smarter travel decisions by pushing out the latest information and alerts on transport schedules and traffic delays.  Overhead displays at bus stops also tell the traveller exactly when their next bus is due. Continue reading “Real time passenger information (RTPI)”

Build Smart Solutions For Dublin

Take part in transforming the way Dublin solves its biggest challenges including mobility, flooding, environment, energy, as well as better data and communication.Prizes will include access to seed funds, city expertise and tested infrastructure to trial successful proposals.  

Our first challenge is to find new ways to encourage more people to cycle in Dublin, to address safety, security and other barriers to getting people cycling.  

There are a number of sources of data that may inform your cycle solutions.  You can search for cycle data on Dublinked, also visit and  for more information.The Transport for Ireland Cycle Journey Planner is a great source of route information, incorporating ease of use and dublinbikes station locations into recommended cycle routes.

Presentations from the SBIR Challenge Information Evening

Maria Gavin – Enterprise Ireland

Jamie Cudden – Smart Dublin Manager

Sarah Scannell – Cycling and Walking Promotions Officer

David Timoney – Dublin Cycling Campaign

Pauline Riordan – Dublinked Manager

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