New and improved Dublinked

Cartoon sketch describing Dublinked Driving InnovationWelcome to the new Dublinked site! We’ve been busy over the last few months building our new open source CKAN portal, setting up our new project team and putting the policy in place to take Dublinked to the next level.

Last summer we carried out a survey of Dublinked users to figure out what improvements you wanted to see and this has informed our rebuild of the site.
Pauline Riordan, Dublinked Manager

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Want To Talk About Data?

Dublinked is part of a multi-disciplinary European project, which is building a next generation open data platform to enhance citizen engagement around open data.  We’re working with leading researchers in Salerno, Italy and Insight, Galway to develop new transparency enhancing technology for you to test.

Based on your feedback, we will improve and integrate what works into our new Dublinked platform!

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