Is Dublin Busy?

Find out the best time to come into Dublin town to do your shopping, park your car, or grab a dublinbike.

Excellent example of really useful public information from Dublin open data transformed into a useful planning tool to solve real world problems.

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Lillian Gallagher, Head of Data with ‘In the Company of Huskies’ advertising and branding agency, came up with the idea of taking some of the stress out of Christmas shopping.

Pulling together open data from Dublinked and other sources, lets people check at a glance for parking availability, traffic flows, public transport tweets and more, to help them decide the best time to come into town.

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The site was launched in November 2015, in time for the Christmas shopping period in Dublin.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • Pedestrian footfall data from the Dublin City Business Improvement District showed that December 19th is the best day to go shopping and avoid the crowds, rather than ‘culchie day’ December 8th, as might have been expected.
  • Christmas Eve is also rather surprisingly one of the quietest days for last minute shopping in town.

Visitor Data:

Over Christmas 2015 the site had received 18k unique visitors, with 26% returning visitors indicating that people were indeed using it help them make their travel decisions.

Post Christmas, Huskies removed the predictive footfall data, and the site remains a nifty journey planning tool as well as a great example of how open data can be used to solve a real life problem.

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