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Local Authority Finances
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Local Authority Finances.com was developed by independent policy think tank, publicpolicy.ie, in the run up to the May 2014 Local Elections.

The data was sourced from individual local authorities and presented in a beautiful and simple way so visitors can see how funds are allocated housing, roads, water, environmental services, recreation & amenities, development management (planning) and other (college grants, motor taxes etc).

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For example, Dublin City Council, has the biggest population of over half a million people, spent most (30%) of its 2015 budget on housing, working out at €450 per person.

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Leitrim, the least populated county in Ireland, with just under 32,000 inhabitants spends 10% of its budget on housing or €118 per person.

Visitor Data (since launch to Jan 2016)

LocalAuthorityFinances.com has had 78,795 page views
22,000 unique visitors who look at an average of 3 pages each
Most popular local authority searched?  You guessed it – Dublin City spending, closely followed by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown spending, and Fingal.

LocalAuthorityFinances.com won a highly esteemed award in 2015 at the United Nations backed, World Summit Awards.   This site won the Best Government and Open Data website in the world, something we can be very proud of.