Dublin Road Quality Visualisation- Overall Winner of Dublinked Data Visualisation Competition 2014

The web application, Dublin Road Quality Visualisation, uses data provided by www.fixyourstreet.ie to visualize reports submitted by people in Dublin about issues they are having with roads in their areas, was voted overall winner by judging panel of Dublinked Data Visualisation Competition.

William Mc Morrow an IADT student coveted the winning prize fund of €1,000 for his entry to competition.  William explains, the data used within application is outputted from fixyourstreet’s API as JSON and contains a title, description, date, longitude and latitude for each report submitted. Although the data from fixyourstreet is national, this application only visualizes data for Dublin.


Image: Dublinked Data Visualisation Winner- Dublin Road Quality Visualisation Application by William Mc Morrow

The visualisation is a single page application divided into two parts. On the left there is an interactive choropleth map and on the right there are charts that are related to the map. Over the right section users can navigate to different charts with a navigation bar. Every time the application is loaded the map and charts are updated with new data from fixyourstreet.

On the outset of the project the main aim was to compare roads in areas around Dublin to see if there were any major differences.

Other winners of data visualisation competition include:

Dublin Fire Brigade Call Out Analysis, an interactive providing a detailed breakdown of Dublin Fire Brigade and Ambulance Call Out statistics for 2012, claimed second prize of €500. Visualisation includes Number of Callouts (over time and per station)  and Average Response Times (per station and per callout type) .

image 2

Image: 2nd Prize Winner- Dublin Fire Brigade Call Out Analysis Visualisation by Kevin Lynch

Irish Property Prices, visualisation highlights an interactive county by county breakdown of number and median process of property sales since the introduction of the PPR database. Enables users to hover over the county name or location to view the data for that particular county and click on the county name to filter the data. Specific time periods can also be selected.

image 3

Image: 3nd Prize Winner- Irish Property Prices Visualisation by Tadhg Murphy

Team of researchers from IBM Research Ireland clinched the Company Recognition Award with their winning entry, providing an Interactive visualization of traffic congestion explanation across Dublin.

Visualization brings additional insight into traffic flow analytics by displaying automatically computed explanations of traffic conditions. We correlate journey times across Dublin City available on Dublinked with a huge variety of events data (social events, road works information, etc.), and, by looking at historical space-time similarities in the traffic patterns and contextual events, we automatically compute and visualize possible causes for observed traffic congestions.

The visualization overlays influence patterns of events (possible explanations of traffic congestions) to the traffic flow in Dublin, thus providing an interesting and unique perception of where, when and why traffic is slow in the city.

image 4

Image: Company Recognition Award- Interactive visualization of traffic congestion explanation across Dublin by IBM Research Ireland


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