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Cartoon sketch describing Dublinked Driving InnovationWelcome to the new Dublinked site! We’ve been busy over the last few months building our new open source CKAN portal, setting up our new project team and putting the policy in place to take Dublinked to the next level.

Last summer we carried out a survey of Dublinked users to figure out what improvements you wanted to see and this has informed our rebuild of the site.
Pauline Riordan, Dublinked Manager

You wanted more events and engagement – for Dublinked to tap into crowd sourced data, stimulate new business ideas and help build solutions to hot topics like better mobility and improved energy efficiency.

Smart Dublin

Taking that on board, the Dublinked team been working with local authority staff across the four Dublin Local Authorities to identify real challenges facing the Dublin Region, where technology and data innovation have the potential to make peoples life easier and help the city work better.  We are building a new Smart Dublin policy framework to make sure that new solutions meet the real needs of Dubliners, and to provide a one stop shop for new ‘Smart City’ ideas and proposals.
We’re continuing to engage with Dubliners to refine and prioritise these challenge areas..sign up for Your Dublin Your Voice online opinion panel to have your say in an upcoming survey on the most important issues we should be addressing.

Come along to our relaunch event to hear more about the first of a series of Open Challenge competitions for solutions to address these identified needs – starting with new ways to encourage cycling in Dublin.

  • You also said you would like a forum to participate in online discussions with likeminded people and around areas of interest.  We’ve partnered with leading researchers as part of a new European project to build a new experimental social platform where you can create new data visualisations and start a data discussion.  We’re looking for alpha testers to help us improve this platform, sign up here to check it out.
  • Unsurprisingly you said the datastore is the most frequently used feature of the Dublinked website, with most of you wanting more up-to-date data, followed by improved metadata and data quality.  

On the backend, we’ve been working with Derilinx to build a new CKAN data portal with improved metadata, linked data and enhanced visualisation and other features.  We’ve also been working with award winning web developers at Brightspark to overhaul our front end, with new features and direct links to help you find the data you are interested in – whether you are an interested citizen, a developer, a researcher or government official. We’re also delighted to build links with the fantastic Dublin Dashboard with new interactive charts that show how Dublin is doing now.  


A big challenge for us is to build an open data culture and embed it within the existing knowledge management structures of local government and this will be a large part of our work over the coming months – so bear with us while we build the resource and drop us a line to let us know what data you want or how we can improve further.  We’ll be gathering some of our blog posts into quarterly newsletters so sign up to keep informed of latest developments.

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