Iteration, Iteration, Iteration

It’s not about location, location, location for the researchers, developers, partners and pilots in the Route to PA project. It’s about iteration, iteration, iteration!!!

Just to remind everyone….

Route to PA stands for Raising Open and User-friendly Transparency-Enabling Technologies fOr Public Administrations. It is operating under the largest EU research and innovation initiative, Horizon 2020. Dublinked’s role in this project is to act as a test bed; reviewing the tools and technologies developed and, providing the researchers and developers with user feedback.

Horizon 2020/Route to PA logo
Horizon 2020 and Route to PA


In year 1 Route to PA has developed its Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD) and a Transparency Enhancing Toolset (TET) to encourage citizen engagement with open data. The toolset together with the social platform allows users to access datasets, connect with others interested in open data, create data visualisations (datalets) and openly discuss their findings. Future plans for the platform include; the ability to create new open data by combining information from pre-existing datasets.

Minutes from Warsaw…

On the first day, participants from the partners, pilots and those in the field of research; made presentations to the group, discussing areas such as:

  • Technology
  • Scenario Development
  • Implementation
Warsaw Meeting
Dublinked giving Feedback in Warsaw

On the second day, the participants discussed the next steps and stages of the project. Using feedback provided from the pilots, the researchers and developers will review and include recommendations into the next version which is due for release in the Autumn of this year.

Collaboration is key….

When designing any new system or web application; there are many variables to consider. Functionality, interface design, usability and content management are just some of the aspects needed to build an informative and productive application.Route to PA is a European collaboration which incorporates groups from Italy, France, Poland, the UK, the Netherlands and Ireland. Each group represented at Route to PA bring a different set of skills to the table. By sharing these skills and working together; Route to PA aims to build an application that considers all aspects of the design process and of course, the end user!

Next steps…

Route to PA has come a long way in its first year but there is more work to be done.

For year 2, Dublinked aims to improve the quality of the datasets and obtain new data that citizens, researchers and developers can interact with. It hopes to promote open data awareness and improve data literacy within the local authorities in the Dublin region. And it will continue to provide Route to PA with user feedback and insights regarding its tools and platform. Through testing, trials and retesting, the project gets closer to achieving its goals – Providing a repository of data from across Europe, designing a socially engaging platform where citizens can discuss, use and reuse open data and will encourage government transparency!

If you would like to know more about Route to PA, download the brochure here .

We will keep you updated as the project progresses.


Dublin Airport Hackathon

Dublin Airport Hackathon Image
Dublin Airport Hackathon

Can you help Dublin Airport reach its 2020 goals? Have you an idea which can help improve the passenger experience or optimise the capacity of the airfield? If so, why not sign up for #hackDub? This event is hosted in conjunction with Dublin City University, for more details see below:

Dublin Airport Resources for hackathon


DCU Alpha Innovation Campus


15th-17th April 2016


To improve passenger experience and optimise airfield space

Who is it for?

Engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and intrepid travellers

How much is it to enter?


Where can I find out more?


Dublinked Open Data Conference

Data Opens Doors

To celebrate over 3 years of working to open up public data in the Dublin Region the Dublinked Innovation Network held an inaugural ‘Data Opens Doors’ Summit that focused on gaining the latest insights from the open data community in Dublin, Ireland and beyond. The event took place on May 7th and was free to attend. It attracted over 120 participants and over 30 speakers from a range of backgrounds including academic researchers, public sector officials, multi-nationals, open data agencies, entrepreneurs and innovation experts. Continue reading “Dublinked Open Data Conference”